2017 Conference

The Status Quo and the Way Forward – Connect, Innovate and Implement

NICOLA held their third Annual Conference at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, on 31 October and 1 November 2017. The theme for this year’s conference was “The Status Quo and the Way Forward – Connect, Innovate and Implement”.

In South Africa, an enabling legislative environment was formalised when the National Norms and Standards for the Remediation of Contaminated Land and Soil Quality (Norms and Standards) were promulgated in May 2014, listing Soil Screening Values for different land use and water resource exposures based on the Framework for the Management of Contaminated Land (Framework). This reinforced the risk based approach and the use of the source-pathway-receptor analysis as an integral part of any contaminated land management within South Africa. The NICOLA conferences will continue to dedicate sessions to converge on a common understanding of the implementation of the legislation. It will also continue to discuss and publish position papers in various stages of development.

Currently position papers are being developed on the:

  • Interpretation of “significantly polluted land”;
  • Management of LNAPLs;
  • Groundwater screening process; and
  • Vapour intrusion.

The conference had the following keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Mpho Tshitangoni, Director: Contaminated Land, DEA;
  • Mr. Fanus van Wyk: Land Rehabilitation Society of South Africa;
  • Ms. Nerusha Govender, Chair of NICOLA; and
  • Mr. Marcus van Zutphen, NICOLE.

Conference Presentations

Sarah Skinner – Site Assessment Tools for Compiling a Conceptual Site Model for Contaminated Land

Erasmus Chauke – Case Study: In-situ Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons using an Activated Carbon based Injectate

Simone Labuschagne – Development of a Framework for Soil and Groundwater Remediation and Management at the Umbogintwini Industrial Complex, Durban

Nicolas Vanhecke – Comprehensive Phase II Investigation Prior to a Combined LNAPL and 200m Dissoved Phase Plume Remediation

Jonathan Larkin – Is LNAPL Remediation Worthwhile?

Samuel Mohr – Can Soil Vapour Extraction be Effective in LNAPL Impacted Fractured Bedrock Environments? Learnings from Selected Case Studies

Lucy Thomas – SoBRA: Improving Technical Knowledge in Risk Assessment Enhancing the Profile of Practitioners

Jon McStay – Hydrocarbon Dispersions in Coastal Aquifers and Reclaimed Land. Implications for LNAPL Mobility

Vanessa Jacklin-Levin – Contaminated Land Regimes in Africa

Tina Costas – Case Study on International Chemical Manufacturer Divesting Assets in South Africa

Angelika Möhr – Fate and Mobility of Anions in Soil Systems in Contrast to the Norms and Standards SSV

Carl Steyn – An Exploration of Dissolved Phase Hydrocarbon Composition in Groundwater at Filling Stations in South Africa

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