Effective Collaboration for Sustainable Results

NICOLA held their 4th Annual Conference at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, on 30 and 31 October 2018. The theme for this year’s conference was “Effective Collaboration for Sustainable Results”.

In South Africa, an enabling legislative environment was formalised when the National Norms and Standards for the Remediation of Contaminated Land and Soil Quality (Norms and Standards) were promulgated in May 2014, listing Soil Screening Values for different land use and water resource exposures based on the Framework for the Management of Contaminated Land (Framework). This reinforced the risk-based approach and the use of the source-pathway-receptor analysis as an integral part of any contaminated land management within South Africa. The NICOLA conferences will continue to dedicate sessions to converge on a common understanding of the implementation of the legislation. It will also continue to discuss and publish position papers in various stages of development.

The conference had the following keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Mpho Tshitangoni, Director: Contaminated Land, DEA
  • Dr. Willie van Niekerk, Director: Infotox (Pty) Ltd
  • Dr. Sarah Slabbert, Sarah Slabbert Associates.

Conference Presentations

Hayley Thomas – Debunking some myths about sustainable remediation

Jonathan Larkin – Sustainability in post-remediation monitoring and site closure

Samuel Mohr – Interactive session: Joint evaluation of alternatives using sustainability criteria

Heidi Snyman – Decommissioning, demolition and remediation – Local complexities

Martin Slooijer and Felipe Couto – Sustainable BTEX soil and groundwater remediation, Westerlo case study

Terence Fynn and Gareth Goosen – Liquid fire: Mobile accelerated remediation of contaminated soil

Richard O’Brien and William Ansell – Remediation of Arsenic contaminated soil using Ferrous Sulfate

Adolf October and Willem van Biljon – Identification and assessment of LNAPL (light non-aqueous phase liquid) hydrogeological conditions to refine LSCMs

Felipe Couto – Maximising site conceptualisation for coal tar NAPL in fractured bedrock through site investigation and in situ pilot-scale remedial trials

Steve Kalule – Lowering the cost of LUST management through high resolution data on LNAPL and permeability

Andrea Bianchini – Pilot testing remedial technologies. The first step toward a successful remediation project

Richard O’Brien and Dr Willie van Niekerk – Assessment and remediation of Mercury contaminated soil

Jon McStay and Darryn Murray – The geophysical and geochemical toolbox for smart characterisation of contaminated sites

Lindsay Shand – Application of unconventional oil and gas drilling design for groundwater supply wells within contamination plumes

Simon Gibbons – Data science, managing risk and finding opportunities

Theo Ferreira – The sustainability of granular activated carbon alternatives for remediation projects in South Africa

Armandt van Staden – Use of high-resolution site characterization tools to optimize remediation performance

Seoras Graham and Christie Roodt – In-situ Chemical Oxidation in an overburden aquifer

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