Emerging Challenges: Together Towards Tomorrow

NICOLA held their 5th Annual Conference at the Krystal Beach Hotel in Cape Town on 31 October and 1 November 2019. This year’s theme was “Emerging Challenges: Together Towards Tomorrow”. The conference provided a great opportunity for the contaminated land and remediation community in South Africa and beyond to connect and share the latest developments and examples of best practice by bringing together global leaders and professionals under one roof.  We believe that our diverse and dynamic group of keynote speakers and presenters provided in-depth insight, as well as, practical tools of engagement models, methods and mechanisms that have worked in other countries.

Check out the Conference highlights by clicking on the following link: https://vimeo.com/374426873/28398cba4d


The conference had the following keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Mpho Tshitangoni, Director: Contaminated Land, DEFF
  • Dr. Olivier Maurer: NICOLE Latin America
  • Dr. Simon Cole: AECOM

Conference Presentations

B McGugan – Lessons for South Africa from a Global Project Aimed at Mitigating the Human Health Impacts of Contaminated Land

H Thomas – Sustainable Remediation: Recent developments from SuRF UK

A Bianchini – Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Contaminated with Chlorinated Solvents at an Active Industrial Site

A Wilson – Emerging Contaminants – Challenges for Sampling & Analysis with particular consideration of PFOS & 1,4‐Dioxane

C Steyn – Arsenic Soil Concentration in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

Dr Steve Kalule – Application of High‐Resolution Site Characterization Techniques for LNAPL in Fractured Bedrock

C Smart – Collecting Hydrocensus Data Using Survey123

M Slooijer – Complete Dechlorination of Chlorinated Ethenes and Chloroform in a Brackish Environment

X Adams – A Novel Variation to a Standard Approach: Can a Modified Engineering Design Process Add Value to Remediation Projects?

HG Snyman – Redevelopment of a Brownfield Site ‐ Remediation of an Industrial Complex to Enable Redevelopment in a Challenging Social and Economic Environment

A Lee – The benefits of biomarkers in risk‐based remediation

J McStay – A Re‐Appraisal of Disposal to Landfill as a Remediation Option in the Light of the Shongweni Landfill Dispute

J Sohl – Separating Deep, Dilute and Diffuse Commingled CVOC Plumes

K Maake – Application of Nitrate and Stable Environmental Isotopes for source Delineation in Mixed Land Use Areas

L van Passel – Remediation of a 24 ha CrVI and CAH Groundwater Plume under 150 Houses by Injecting Molasses – 15 years later

M Sallot des Boyers – In‐Situ Solutions Using Zero Valent Iron for the Remediation of Sites Contaminated with Chlorinated Solvents ‐ Learning from Operational Experiences

W van Biljon – Why Sampling Non Aqueous Phase Liquids is Essential

S McKeown – Local Cross‐Slab Soil Vapour Attenuation Data to Support Assessment of Vapour Intrusion Risks

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