SustRem2021 will focus on ‘Empowering Sustainable Land Management for the Future”. NICOLA has the pleasure of inviting local and international stakeholders and experts to take part in the 2021 Conference. Abstracts are invited for oral and poster presentations for the following themes:


  • Opportunities to widen existing sustainable remediation frameworks to support broader sustainable land management and sustainable development
  • Remediation issues pivotal to achieving sustainable development for Africa
  • Socioeconomic and cultural dimensions of sustainable remediation
  • Governance challenges to achieve sustainable land management
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals & sustainable remediation
  • Climate change, resilience and global challenges effecting remediation
  • Sustainability throughout the contaminated land life cycle (site investigation, risk assessment, remediation, performance and verification)
  • Setting sustainable remediation targets – when are we done?
  • Enablers for the next land use

Abstracts will be considered by the Technical Committee. The authors of abstracts will be notified of acceptance of their submissions by 24 May 2021.