Past Events

NICOLA-Connect - Johannesburg (20 February 2019)

The NICOLA-Connect event was sponsored by GeoRem and took place on 20 February 2019 at Moyo, Zoo Lake Park.

NICOLA-Connect - Durban (20 November 2018)

The NICOLA-Connect event was sponsored by Spill Tech and took place on 20 November at the Spill Tech office in Durban.

NICOLA-Connect - Cape Town (25 July 2018)

The NICOLA-Connect event was sponsored by WSP Consulting and took place on 25 July at the WSP office in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

NICOLA-Connect - Durban (28 June 2018)

The NICOLA-Connect event was sponsored by Geostream Africa and took place on 28 June at the Westville Country Club in Durban.

NICOLA-Connect - Cape Town (20 September 2017)

The third event was sponsored by IBIS Consulting and took place on 20 September at the Rooftop Sky Bar, Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town.

NICOLA-Connect - Durban (24 August 2017)

The second event was sponsored by Talbot & Talbot and took place on 24 August at the Kloof Country Club in Durban.

NICOLA-Connect - Johannesburg (26 July 2017)

In order to expand NICOLA member involvement opportunities, NICOLA has launched the ‘NICOLA – Connect’ brand. NICOLA – Connect aims to provide a platform for further Contaminated Land networking, training and engagement. The first event was sponsored by NICOLA and took place on 26 July at the Killarney Country Club in Johannesburg. The event attracted over 25 people. Drinks and excellent food was enjoyed by all, with positive feedback received from those who attended.