NICOLE is a leading forum on contaminated land management in Europe, promoting co-operation between industry, academia and service providers on the development and application of sustainable technologies.

For additional information about NICOLE, please contact the executive secretary:

Nan Su


Latin America Network for Soil and Water Management

During the NICOLE workshop in June 2015 Manchester, the Executive Secretary of NICOLE Brazil Suzana Kraus together with representative Olivier Maurer gave a presentation on development of NICOLE Brazil.

They have illustrated the soil remediation market development and structure of NICOLE Brazil in their presentation. It is clear that NICOLE Brasil is up and running.

Please feel free to download their presentation or contact them via email.


RemTech Expo is a permanent international event dedicated to reclamation of contaminated sites, environmental and natural hazards, safety, maintenance and upgrading of the territory, climate changes and circular chemistry.

RemTech Europe – European Conference on remediation markets and technologies, is scheduled for 18-20 September 2019 in the town of Ferrara (Italy). It is promoted by RemTech Expo, the most important Italian event on remediation technologies and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC).

The aim of the Conference is to share information on knowledge, innovation and case histories, to encourage the development of remediation processes and the application of new and sustainable technologies and bring together suppliers and problem owners of available services and technologies. RemTech Europe also provides a platform for discussion between stakeholders.

Please feel free to contact them via their website.